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Sanjing Lighting focuses on the R&D of new plant lighting technology, and strives to find the best supplemental grow light solution for different plants.

What’s the Different Wavelength Means to Plants

Red light Among visible light, red and orange light (wavelength 600 ~ 700nm) and blue-violet light (wavelength 400-500nm) are absorbed most by green plants, and only a slight absorption of green light (500 ~ 600nm). Red light is the light quality that was first used in crop cultivation experiments, and is the necessary light for the normal growth of crops. The biological demand for red light ranks first among various monochromatic lights. The material produced under red light makes plants grow taller, while the material produced under blue light promotes the accumulation of egg quality and non-carbohydrates and adds weight [...]

February 13th, 2020|Categories: Technology News|